Decision on a more complete financial picture

Historical debt payments and balances often have limited value for predicting someone’s ability and willingness to pay their debts. To make the best assessment of credit risk, lenders need to see all of a consumer’s financial obligations as well as their earnings.

EdgeScore and EdgeEnrich provide risk signals similar to other credit bureaus but more comprehensive and more real-time because they’re based on cash flow and balances right up to the loan application.

Solutions from Edge that are integral to many lenders’ underwriting processes include a default risk score based on industry-wide reported loan outcomes and thousands of attributes (or features) with credit risk relevant insights from consumers’ cash flow behaviors.

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Mitigate score inflation and reward responsibility

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Traditional bureau scores are near all-time highs even though more Americans than ever are living paycheck to paycheck. EdgeScore and EdgeEnrich can reveal consumers whose finances are deteriorating and whose default risk has risen even though their FICO score and VantageScore remain high.

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Meanwhile, there are millions of Americans who earn a good income and live within their means but don’t rate well with the mainstream credit bureaus. With EdgeScore and EdgeEnrich, lenders are identifying more good applicants who might otherwise have been declined using traditional risk analytics.


Cash flow underwriting with EdgeScore and EdgeEnrich

Edge and lender
partner to determine relevant
EdgeScore and EdgeEnrich
risk signals and levels.

Consumer permissions access to banking
activity data during lenders’ credit
application and risk insights are
generated by Edge in real-time.

Lender’s credit models and scorecards utilize EdgeScore and EdgeEnrich risk signals to inform auto-approve and review decisions.