The Cash Flow Bureau

Lenders use Edge to see opportunities and risks for consumers who are misrepresented by traditional credit scores

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Traditional risk metrics fall short for nearly half the U.S.

Almost half the U.S. population is unserved or underserved by traditional risk scoring methods that look only at past payments and balances of credit accounts as a proxy for future risk.

By looking beyond a credit score, Edge provides insight into financial activities and behaviors that are empirically proven to be much more predictive of creditworthiness for these consumers.

In turn, our customers can confidently extend credit to many of those consumers often otherwise overlooked.

Cash flow data is more predictive

The daily activity and balances in consumers’ checking and savings accounts provide a more complete, current view of their ability and willingness to make loan payments.

Particularly for the millions of consumers with Vantage and FICO scores below prime, cash flow underwriting is the standard to assess true risk.

With Edge, lenders see cash flow behaviors in the context of industry-wide risk and can make better informed underwriting decisions.


Edge enables lenders to see a consumer’s true risk

We create credit risk insights from a consumer’s income, spending, and balance history


Access balances and transactions from a consumer’s bank account


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Generate actionable risk analytics from bank transaction data


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Assess default risk against industry-wide loan performance


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Fine-tune how Edge insights are deployed in underwriting decisions


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Our solutions are uniquely actionable

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Built by lenders for lenders

Platform and analytics created to address lenders’ specific needs

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Outcome-driven analytics

Insights grounded in performance of over three million lending decisions

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End-to-end cash flow API

Single integration for bank data connectivity and analytics

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Highest trust & security

Data and privacy protection as a Consumer Reporting Agency to safeguard consumers and lenders